25 March, 2009

What choice?

We are in public, the two of us, your back against my chest. A large coat wrapped around us. My hands are wrapped around your waist. For a while. Then they start moving. Up and down. One cupping your sex through your jeans, the other, cupping a full breast.

You give a nervous laugh, and say, "Not here."

As the one hand, grabs one of your tits hard, "Yes here."

You start to protest, we'll be seen, you'll be embarrassed. I tell you to be quiet. Your hands pull at my hands, but mine don't budge. I grind your pants into your crotch. You gasp. I tell you if there was any privacy around here, my cock would be in your mouth, before burying in your cunt.

"Unzip your pants."

"No. No," You struggle a little in my arms.

"Listening?" I smile, put my hand over one of yours and force it down your torso, making it rub as it goes, until I force your fingers to rub your sex through your pants. "I'm bigger then you. I'm stronger than you."

You stop struggling. "Please," you beg.

"Unzip." One hand remains at your breast, the other slides up and caresses your throat. Message is obvious.

Your fingers unzip your pants. "Good girl. Now slip them inside your pants." I feel movement. I can't tell if you are going as you are told, but you have stopped struggling. The hand at your breast gives it one last squeeze before sliding down and slipping under your tank. And back up, fingers playing with your skin until it slips under your bra and claiming the soft skin and hard nipple of your breast.

"Please don't," you plead. "Not here. I'll be a good girl back in the motel room. I'll please you any way you want."

"You'll be a good girl here. And there." I move my fingers from your throat to your mouth. "Suck on them"

You do, "I don't have any choice in this, do I?"

I chuckle. "No. I'm going to play with you here. Then back to the room where you'll be stripped naked and fucked. Bareback. Mouth, Cunt. Ass." My hand, fingers wet from your mouth, slide down your torso, down to your crotch. Slowly slide them into the open fly of your jeans, under the thong, and then two fingers into your wet cunt. A gasp. The fingers move inside you. The hand at your breast mauls and pinches.

You struggle a little as my fingers and hands are busy touching and finger-fucking you. I hear a little sound. Sniffling. I look around and see tears on your cheeks. You turn your head a bit. "You've stripped," a gasp, "away my choices," another gasp as i pinch a sensitive nipple. "I'm just your toy, your plaything."

"You're more than just a toy," I replay, fingers have moved to playing with your clit. "But I get a big thrill taking your choices away from you."

One of your hands slide down between us, open palm ends up between your ass and me. And starts stoking my cock. "Good girl." Soon I start fucking you with short, quick thrusts. And your body stiffens in climax.

My hands hold you against me as your half collapse after your climax. Your head moves around. I suspect that you are scanning the crowds, looking to see if anybody witnessed you being molested. I zip your pants, and give your breast one last pinch.

I release you after one last squeeze. My coat comes from around you and you shiver in the sudden cold. I take off the coat and wrap it around you. "Thank you," you whisper.

"To the hotel room and its bed?"

You look up at me. Your blue eyes still have some tears in them. A little sigh, and your hand reaches for mine. "Yes, I'll be your sex toy today."

"And tomorrow."

"We'll see about that," you reply, some of the embarrassment at being publicly finger-fucked is being replaced by sass.

I laughed. My girl is coming back.


  1. I love the implication, no rather the reminder, of exactly who is in control here. The subtle strength implied is truly intoxicating.

    Well done, lover.

  2. A

    Thank you for your comments. That was the idea that I was looking for, subtle. Yes, he is in control of the situation, and of her. She has no control.

    But he is still kind to her, giving her his jacket when she shivers.

    Again, thank you for your kind comments.