03 April, 2009

And whisper carnal threats in your ear.

Don't bother locking the doors, I've got lockpicks.

Don't bother locking the windows, I have a Slim Jim.

Don't have a knife by the bed. I'll use it. Those initials on your belly? Mine.

Don't buy a thirty-eight. You'll never get to use it. I'll have fun. In the morning it will smell of pussy. Guess who's?

The person sleeping next to you. They won't help you. I've got a happy hypo that will keep them from bothering us.

Go ahead and struggle when you feel my weight on your body, my hands on your soft breasts. I'll enjoy it.

Try to keep your legs together when you feel my leg between your knees. My knee will spread them.

Keep your mouth closed when you feel my lips touching yours. I'll just nibble and nip your jaw, your throat. Suck on your nipples.

One thing you can do. Close your eyes when you feel my hardness violating you, penetrating you. It won't help. I'll still feel your warm wet tightness wrapped around me.

When you wake, when the birds sing, the sun is shining in the window you knew you had closed the night before. When you wake in the wet spot, your muscles sore, something sticky in your curls, you'll know it wasn't a bad dream. You lived through a nightmare.


  1. I'm not afraid of the Boogey Man. Bring it.

  2. And when the Boogey Man's marked your belly with his initials and made you his? SO

  3. Good god, this is gripping. And fucking hot. Ehhem...just sayin'...

    Now to read again...

  4. Ms Inconspicuous
    Thank you for dropping by. I am glad that you enjoyed the piece.

    These are words, 'carnal threats,' that a man whispered into his lover's ear in parting. Reminding her that nothing will keep her safe when he wants her.


  5. Surfed over from A. Secrets blog - your flowing style caught my eye in her comments.

    Ummm...hot...and terrifying...and hot...and soul wrenching...and hot.

    Now to go study a thesaurus...and maybe a cold shower.

  6. Maxie

    Thank you for dropping in. And thank you for your comments, you are most kind.