04 May, 2009

Option Two

I know what I would do when you get home from a stressful day at the office.

Take your purse and set you down in a comfy chair. Rub shoulders and neck. Bring you two fingers of Maker's Mark. Take your shoes off and message your feet and lower legs.

Leave you for a moment to draw you a hot bath, dump in some bath salts, I carry you to the bed room and gently undress you. There would be a few caresses and kisses, you would think things strange if I didn't kiss and cop some feels.

Then lower you into the hot water and let you parboil for awhile. Soothing classical music on a radio. Cucumber slices on your eyes. When the water had cooled down to bearable, I would wash your body with scented soaps on a loofah. I'd be sure to wash all those little bits that miss out on the attention, underside of your breasts where they meet your chest, arm pits, backs of legs. Gently wash your labia. Scrub your back hard. Wash your anus with a soapy finger.

Then rinse you off with warm water and wrap you in my terry cloth robe, the blue one that you cannot walk in because it is half a foot too long on you. Lay you on the bed, and rub lotion into your skin. And a bit of the lip gloss from your purse into your nipples.

And before you fall asleep, bring in some delivery Chinese food, and not complain when you eat most of the wontons out of my wonton soup.

Then tuck you in and let you fall asleep. I'd police the bathroom. Strip myself, and pull you into my arms, enjoying the your soft scented skin. After enjoying that for a moment, and if I didn't fall asleep relaxing with you in my arms, I'd slowly make sensual love to you as you slept. Kissing your lips, your forehead, your ears, your throat. Lick those flavored nipples. Cup and caress your breasts. Kiss the back of your neck. Go down on you, licking your folds, sucking on your clit, until you start to pant. Then plunder your wet secrets with my hard cock. And thrust until you came.


  1. A

    Thank you for that most gracious officer. It is the most tempting offer I have had in decades. I have no doubt that you would please me in the bedroom (and living room and shower stall and bent over the pool table in the family room.

    But, as a Southerner, I must ask. . . How are your biscuits?


  2. Are you referring to my tits, my ass, or my cooking?

  3. A

    If I was referring to your tits, I would probably have used the term melons. I am quite fond of cantaloupe, by the way.

    I was not referring to your derriere. my sweet. I am certain that it is nice and tight. Although the idea of a warm bun with butter does sound tasty.

    No, I was referring to one of the High Points of Southern American cooking, the buttermilk biscuit. A common item in Southern cuisine, when well made, they are a little bit of honey brown heaven.

    And remember, they have to better than the ones I make.


    And don't even think about the ones that come in a tube. . . . .

  4. Well then my melons and my buns will just have to make up for my biscuits ;-)

  5. I think that you can do better than that.


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